Build a flexible, independent career in your community

On Demand shifts allow you to make your own schedule. Work when and where you want. Enjoy flexibility, so you never miss another birthday, holiday, or special day.


Picking up shifts has never been easier

Step one

Partner facilities post shifts to the CareRev app.

Step two

View shift notifications on the CareRev app.

Step three

Claim and work shifts that align with your schedule.

Step four

Get paid 2x week through the CareRev app.


What our healthcare professionals are saying:

“The main difference that I've seen while using the CareRev app versus a staff or travel position is the amount of independence it offers with scheduling options and communication with the nursing team. With a traditional staff or travel assignment, we're limited to what our schedules can look like and how we can communicate with personnel about our concerns…”

“I have the freedom to be hired directly by the facilities where I work if I so choose. However, given the high pay rates and freedom I have working through CareRev, I have no desire to do so.”‍

"Thank you guys for being extremely supportive through all situations. Working for CareRev has been a wonderful experience."



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CareRev is a technology platform empowering healthcare professionals to take control of their careers. We provide a direct line of communication between healthcare facilities and local clinical talent, enabling professionals to work where and when they want and healthcare facilities to secure staff when and where they need it…all via technology and all in real time. No staffing agencies. No travel contracts. No maximums or minimums.

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CareRev empowers healthcare professionals to pursue balance and avoid burnout. Create and manage your ideal work schedule by booking local shifts in the CareRev app. Work where, when, and how often you want, with rates posted upfront. Fill out this form to learn more!

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